AQA GCSE Religious Studies


  1. Religious beliefs, teachings and practices. Two from Buddhism, Christianity, Catholic Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism.
  2. Thematic studies.


A — relationships & families

B — religion and life

C — existence of God and revelation

D — religion, peace & conflict

E — religion, crime & punishment

F — religion, human rights & social justice

G — St Mark's gospel and life of Jesus

H — St Mark's gospel as a source of religious, moral and spiritual truth.


Candidates are examined on Paper 1 and Paper 2 can be four themes from A to F, or two themes from A to F plus G and H.


AQA GCSE Religious Studies B


Paper 1. Six topics within Catholic Christianity

Paper 2. Islam or Judaism and


A - religion, relationships and families

B — Religion, peace & conflict

C — religion, human rights and social justice


D - St Mark's gospel: the life of Jesus


E — St Mark's gospel as a source of spiritual truth.


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