Religious Studies Teacher: GCSE / A.S. / A-Level / University

Welcome to "Religious Studies" Philip from England, an online tutor for Religious Studies GCSE, A.S. and A-level (any exam boards), and university, etc.  I am a trained theologian and tutor private single student classes on Zoom.

I am full-time theology PhD researcher, and am planning on finishing the degree in 2026. Furthermore, I have a Master's degree in Theology, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma from a Seventh-day Adventist Church institution (and am also publishing a large free theology course).

Classes are: £40 for 1 hour (£40/hr), £175 for 5 hours (£35/hr), £300 for 10 hours (£30/hr), £500 for 20 hours (£25/hr) and £1,000 for 50 hours (£20/hr).

There is also a free ebook: "250 Theology Terms", some free quizzes (800 questions), Q & A and useful links.

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